Which Painting is best for Office according to Vastu?

There is a very big question among people that which painting is best suited for their office and also good according to Vastu.

So, here are some best paintings for your office walls to hang according to Vastu.

Hello, I’m Shruti Sood professional abstract acrylic artist, I teach people about art and painting and also help them to pick the best painting for their offices and living rooms.

What’s the use?

A painting is very much important in an office space not only it brings light and positive energy to the office but also motivates people to grow in their life.

It also makes the office more beautiful plus it brings a new angle into the office from a design perspective.

Best paintings:-

1. Naural Paintings:

Having a natural painting is very beneficial for the overall culture of the office. These paintings help to bring light and science of nature into the office.

It also helps to bring more natural air into office Vastu.

These paintings are best to hang on the north side of the office wall to get the highest potential of it.

As we know that both sides depict the earning and growth side if we combine another positive piece of art with it. It doubles the energy and helps to achieve success.

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2. Blue Abstract Paintings:

Again blue paintings resemble a piece of calmness and relaxation in office space.

It would be very beneficial if there is a lot of pressure in the office environment, you can try to hang .

It would be very stressful reveling if you will hang these paintings in the northeast direction of the office wall, will help to calm down and release stress.

3. Painting of Oceans and Waterfall:

Another good painting for your office walls is to make to more vibrant and open.

The painting of the ocean and waterfall shows openness and calmness.

This painting is best suited for the northeast wall of your office for achieving the highest potential.

4. Mountains and Rocks:

One of the best paintings for your office walls, anything related to earth or lives the feeling of nature is best for your office walls.

5. Motivational PAintings and Quotes:

These are some of the highly motivational paintings for offices. It not only motivates you plus adds a beautiful design to office walls.

There is no specific direction you should hang these paintings you can hang them anywhere in the office.


It completely depends upon you how you want the environment of your office to be.

You can make it lighter beautiful and happy by adding paintings of earth and nature or add dull and boring paintings into it.

It’s our suggestion to must add vibrant paintings or natural paintings for your office walls.

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