What painting is good for the bedroom as per Vastu

Are you looking at which type of painting is good for your bedroom and kids? After reading this article your would have a clear idea of which painting is best for you.

Hello, I’m Shruti Sood, an art trainer, and professional abstract artist. I have helped a ton of people choose the right painting for other homes and bedrooms and will also help you to find out.

Should be added:

1. Paintings of God:

abstract ganesha painting for home wall

It is said that if you will add paintings of god in your home or in your bedroom it will bring a feeling of peace to your space and bring your soul away from negativity.

If you are planning to add a painting of god in your bedroom or home, you can consider:

  1. Radha Krishna Painting
  2. Ram and Sita Paintings
  3. Buddha Paintings
  4. Ganesha Paintings
  5. Others

Note: Always hang a painting opposite the direction of your foot, it is said that you should never hang god paintings on the side of your legs it shows disrespect for them plus always hang them in the southeast direction of our room.

2. Painting of Horses:

If you like you can also hang paintings of running or still horses in your home or bedroom.

According to sayings, it is considered a good look plus considered a joy bringing paintings

3. Family Paintings:

One of the best paintings to hang in your home and bedroom is the painting of your own family.

It not only brings joy but also a feeling which can’t be expressed in words and also helps to strengthen the relationship.

4. Paintings of Waterbodies:

According to Vastu, it would be beneficial for you to place water bodies paintings on the north side. To get the highest results possible.`

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Should not be added:

1. Paintings of daemons:

If you will hang paintings having ghosts, evil, devil elements, or daemons it will directly affect your family in a negative way.

It is considered that never add these paintings to your space or if it is added quickly remove them.

2. Paintings of Fire:

Never add paintings related to fire and which includes flames as per Vastu.

Paintings containing flames depict destruction and loss which can negatively affect the mind. So it is considered to remove these paintings.

3. Painting of War:

As per Vastu, all paintings containing any negative message or any element should not be hung in the bedroom and home.

It not only transfers negative image plus affects you sole negitevily.

4. Abstract Paintings:

I know it is quite different but it is as per Vastu you should never hang a painting in our bedroom containing any confusion.

multicolor rough textured look oil painting on canvas for living room

Abstract paintings are good for living rooms but not at all suggested for bead rooms.


  1. A bedroom is a place where you relax, it should always contain those paintings which give you the feeling of peace and relaxation.
  2. Paintings that show any darkness or any feeling of sorrow should not be added to your bedroom.
  3. Family paintings are best for your bedroom which bring peace.

At last, I suggest adding the above paintings to your bedroom for desired results.

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