how to protect paintings on canvas

How to protect canvas painting?

Are you looking for a way by which you can protect all types of canvas paintings from dust, fungus, dullness, etc…

After reading this article you’ll have a clear idea of how you can protect and restore your canvas paintings as an artist or collector.

Hello, I’m Shruti Sood professional acrylic abstract artist and art trainer. I make paintings and teach people about them. In this article, I have explained best the ways by which you can protect all types of paintings if it’s acrylic, oil, water, etc.

1. Apping varnish on Paintings:

Always add a layer of varnish to your painting if you want it to last long.

It is liquid transparent material used for coating, made with resin to protect the paintings. You have to take a clean brush and gently coat the complete painting, and let it dry.

It will create a layer of protection over the painting which will protect it from dust and moisture. Varnish can be done in all types of paintings.

It comes in various forms some are cheaper and some are quite expensive, you can find it in both spray and liquid forms.

2. Cleaning dust from painting:

You have to regularly clean your painting with a gentle cloth so that no form of dust sticks to it.

If you don’t clean dust it will spoil the complete painting and will also affect its natural color.

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3. Hanging on drywall:

One of the biggest reasons for paintings getting fungus or any bacteria is because it is exposed to wet and humid conditions.

Moisture is very bad for your paintings and damage in frame. It not only spoils the color but also destroys the complete frame.

4. Covering with butter paper while traveling:

If you are usually travel a lot or you want to take your paintings with you, you can cover your all paintings with a piece of butter paper.

Which will protect it from outside dust and moisture and also keep your paintings safe.

You have to just roll butter paper completely around your painting and then vertically stack them if you are taking them with you try not to use tapes on paintings.

5. Appling varnish every 2 years:

If you want your painting to live long then regularly apply varnish every 2 years.

Which will not only make it shiny and glossy plus will protect it from dust. After reapplying varnish, it will make all the paints glow up again.

Bonus tip:

Try to use high-quality products for your painting that will not only make it live long and also require less attenuation.


  1. Always apply varnish over painting
  2. Keep your paintings away from dust and moisture
  3. Cover it with butter paper for traveling
  4. Youse high-quality products.

These are the things that you have to keep in mind if you want to protect your paintings.

Hope this article was helpful for you.

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