how to learn painting by yourself

How to learn Painting Yourself?

Do you want to learn painting on your own but feel some problems with it? In this article, I will clear all your doubts and give you a clear guide that will help you in learning painting on your own.

Hello, I’m Shruti Sood, a professional artist, and art trainer. I help students to learn painting in an easy way so that they can earn a living out of it plus do it for a fun too.

What is Painting?

It is one of the oldest ways of telling a story on different bases and a way of expressing your feelings on canvas so that it drives meaning and provides value.

Painting is made in multiple mediums like oil, acrylic, water, etc.

Methods of Learning Painting:

1. Self Learning:

One of the best ways of learning art is by yourself. In this way, you do multiple mistakes from which you learn new skills.

You can learn painting by :

  1. Watching Youtube Videos
  2. By Reading Blogs
  3. By Reading Books
  4. By analyzing Artworks
  5. By Coping Art

This is also one of the longest ways to learn new things but is most effective also.

If you have proper guidance with self learning you can become a good artist very easily.

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2. Personal Mentorship

You can also learn painting from a mentor or we can say guide.

A personal mentor guides you on each stage and helps you to learn all the basics.

It is quite an expensive way of learning but it is the best way compared to all methods.

You just have to find a good mentor who can hold your hands and clear all of the

3. Joining Artist Forums, Communities:

You can also learn how to paint by joining multiple communities and forums.

In these places, people came and share their experiences and things they improved in their art.

I don’t suggest this method to beginners bcz there is no systematic format of learning which can confuse most people.

Examples of some famous Artist Communities are:

What is the Process of Learning Painting?

1. Start from Learning Colors:

Colors are one of the most important elements in making paint.

That’s why you should always start from the most fundamental from where it all starts.

There are so many types of colors like primary, secondary, colors which shows darkness, etc..

2. Learning Basics of Art:

To become a good artist your basics need to be on point and have clarity.

Which you should learn at the start.


By following these methods and techniques you can become a good artist.

You just have to follow the right tutorial, listen to the right mentor, join the right community and clear your basics in order to get success as an artist.

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