How Painting Reduces Stress?

Nowadays as we are growing and doing more and more work we are started getting more and more stress which is not at all healthy for us.

In this article, I will guide you step by step, on how you can use art therapy to reduce your stress level.

Hello, I’m Shruti Sood professional painting artist, I tech people the art of painting and the wonders you can achieve with that. I’m making paintings for the last 8 years professionally and painting played a very important role in my life leading to a healthy life.


  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Coloring
  • Learning
  • Observing

It gives you still moments:

The majority of the time while you are painting you reach a point where you are still and only thinking about one thought.

While painting you talk to yourself about what are your problems and there solutions. This really helps you as a person to reduce stress and keep your body and mind active.

Helps in Focusing:

Painting helps to reduce stress and helps you to focus and keeps you in the present forgetting all about the past or future.

Nowadays as we are losing our focus more and more this is a must-do exercise for us.

Step 1: Choosing an art medium:

For the very first you have to choose the art medium in which you are comfortable so that I don’t provide any problems to you while you are creating.

Step 2: Choosing an artwork:

It basically depends on you which way you want to do it. It can be:

  • Coping a artwork
  • Creating a artwork by imagination

Its completely uptoyou which way you wnt to do it, the main goal is doing a painting to reduce the stress.

After all this, you are good to go, and trying to paint on regular basis to build a habit out of it, will really help you in long run.


Painting is one of the best exercises for you if you really wanna do it to reduce stress. It will relly help you.

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