how to do canvas painting?

How do start Painting on Canvas?

Do you also planning to start canvas painting but don’t know how to start it? In this article, I will completely guide you to start painting on canvas from all layers.

Hello, I’m Shruti Sood professional art trainer and abstract artist. I teach abstract paintings to students.

To start off your painting on canvas you need a canvas for that and the medium of paints for that.

Step 1:

Prepare your canvas with a layer of white coating to get a base for your paintings.

Step 2:

Complete the background of the painting first so that the background doesn’t overlap the main color of the painting and does not spoil the main essence. You can prefer black and brown for your background so that you can use a lighter color for your main character.

Step 3:

Here you have to choose a painting medium for your canvas it can be oil or acrylic. You have to make sure you choose the right color for the main character of the painting so that it highlights the main essence.

After following you are good to go with your canvas painting.

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