Who is Shruti Sood?

Hi, I’m Shruti Sood

I am a life and personality development coach and the cofounder of The Umbrella Academy. My educational qualification as an MBA and a Post Graduate Degree holder naturally propelled me into the corporate sector. After a successful corporate career spanning eight years in the financial sector, I decided to follow my passion of fine arts. I began by learning and understanding how to apply my skills as an artist to engage with people and communities. Thus, began my journey of turning my passion into a profession. I started my first company Createwheel which inspires young minds to express themselves through art. Createwheel conducts workshops and training programs for students, where art is used as a form of personal development.

My journey has lead me to become a certified life coach and an adept in the field of art therapy. Having gained all this experience from Createwheel, it was time for me to expand into helping businesses and entrepreneurs use art as a means of communication and allows them express their emotions and thoughts. Thus, I cofounded The Umbrella Academy to use my experience in art and life coaching to add a more holistic approach to coaching and training individuals.

  • Expert in Acrylic, Oil & Knife Paintings
  • Conducts Art workshops, classes and facilitates Art training to adults, extensively from corporates.
  • Experienced in creating customized artwork as per client are.

About My Art

Bold strokes along with Textured Art which adds colour, dimension and sophistication to an otherwise plain wall. Abstract Art as a medium defines a wall by adding beauty because of its simplicity and ability to have a diverse range of colours.


The freedom to express yourself freely on canvas and put together an artwork using various techniques of painting, the joy and pride which each piece brings on its completion.


The vision is to create and establish my own individual style of art and making art known to all as a me

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What Clients Say

Shruti’s art work is very good The use of colour is very eye catching It’s beautiful

Kyle Simon

I commissioned Shruthi to do a Abstract Art painting for my Clients penthouse. She gud a very good job incorporating the colours I wanted to blend in with my interiors. Her timelines are also good and my clients loved the painting!

Brittany Foxx

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Mark Foster